Adam VanHouten has worked with a wide variety of art media, currently he is focusing on watercolors and photography.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Art Education from Western Michigan University and a Masters in Education from Michigan State University.  He currently is a full-time visual art instructor for Traverse City Area Public Schools, and teaches a variety of workshops and classes to children and adults. Born and raised in Traverse City, he is an artist with a commitment to share his learning through his teaching and to continue to advocate for the expansion and growth of the visual arts in Northern Michigan.  

Artist’s Statement

Creating artworks in glowing layers of color and cultivating the artist within. I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me and I use my personal vision to create.  A huge part of my art is sharing, inspiring, while guiding and nurturing other people to find their inner artist.  My life is rooted in experimentation, gaining experience by practicing skills, developing focus and concentration, working through failure and persevering.  Art should allow the voice of the artist to shine through.  Each of us has a unique statement, and mark to make, we just need guidance as we grow.  Art is within each of us.  Failure is an inevitable part of the process:  it is what we do with that failure that assists us in growing as an artist and a person.  As I continue to create, mistakes become opportunities for growth and innovation.  Mistakes should not be feared as much as respected for their ability to bring us closer to our artistic realizations.  I embrace all of these opportunities, viewing them as part of the learning process.

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