Artist’s Statement

I am primarily a landscape painter, working with pastel on paper and oil on canvas.  I start work outside, sourcing elements of light, pattern, and texture in the natural world. Since retiring as a high school art teacher, I’ve happily plunged into making art that reflects my love of nature.

The shorelines of Lake Michigan and the rivers and lakes around my home are rich sources of subject matter.  I usually begin by painting  small pastels on site – working fairly quickly – since the sun changes light and shadows so fast, these have to be small – and I back them  up with reference photos to use when working in the studio.  

My goal in working with nature is to evoke the spirit of the place; when successful, the artwork resonates with the viewer’s personal ineffable response to nature.  The circle, from nature to artist, to artwork, to observer, is completed.

I’ve been an owner/member of WSG gallery in Ann Arbor since 2006, and have had two individual exhibits there as well as always having my work on display. There are over 300 artworks in private collections.  Corporate collections include work at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor; Glacier Hills, Ann Arbor (3); Michigan Education Association, Lansing;  Art on the House – Michigan House of Representatives;  and Mercy Hospital, Grand Rapids (4).

Additional individual exhibits include – Kerrytown Concert House and the Turner Clinic in Ann Arbor;  Livonia Arts Commission Civic Center Library; and Lake Street Center Gallery in Glen Arbor.

These three pastels are 9 x 12″ and were all done with pastels ‘en plein aire’, along Dexter’s Mill Creek.

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