Artist’s Statement

A retired Landscape Architect, I now have time to do what I really want…… paint and fish! The rivers and lakes that I fish inspire my paintings to a point where most of my paintings are water themed. I find that the most challenging part of painting is probably the rendering of water and its many moods. Then getting the lighting right to emulate morning , noon and evening is the ultimate challenge. That is the fun of plein air to me.

I don’t have a list of artistic accomplishments and I can’t really say I’m self- taught. My teachers have been friends in my past profession and other artists that I copy shamelessly. My inspiration and real teachers are Winslow Homer (love his sporting watercolors), John Singer Sargent (still trying to figure out how he did the Viscaya alligator watercolor), and Tom Thompson and his friends (everything they painted). I can’t wait to see my next painting!