Artist’s Statement

When it comes to my art, I am a late bloomer. The path has been a long and crooked one. I was raised in St. Louis, where I took every art course offered by my high school. I went to University of Missouri- Columbia with a declared major in art. However, when I saw what the other students could do I gave it up, thinking I was not artistically talented. I was 19 years old.

I eventually earned a degree in Wildlife Management and became a field biologist.  It was during this time that I learned photography, which would later contribute to my return to painting and drawing. My father, who was a gifted artist, passed away in 1993 and I inherited all of his art supplies. Tucked away in storage in the years after his death, they were calling to me, but for various reasons the time was just not right for me to nurture my artistic side until later in my life.

My father always told me I could learn everything I needed to know to be a good artist by reading and practice and watching master artists paint. Although our relationship was strained at best, I do remember feeling close to him when I sat by his side, watching him paint a mural on the wall of our living room, asking endless questions, and getting insightful answers that stuck in my mind. So, while I was home caring for my mother-in-law in her twilight years, I took his advice to heart and started reading a lot about art history and techniques. In 1997, I pulled  out the supplies he left me from their hiding place in the basement and began drawing and experimenting. By this time, the internet had emerged as a valuable resource and I started using it too. Slowly, steadily, and with increasing excitement, I applied what I learned. I took some drawing classes and a watercolor class; but it was when I took a pastel class at the local vo-tech that things really began to happen quickly.

I fell in love with the pastel medium and over the years have studied with some of the finest pastel artists in the world, including Richard McKinley, Maggie Price, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Marsha Hamby Savage, Bob Rohm, Duane Wakeham, Desmond O’Hagan, and Alan Flattman.

More info about my accomplishments can be found on my website:


  • Pastel Society of America
  • International Association of Pastel Societies
  • Gateway Pastel Society
  • Best of Missouri Hands – Missouri Artisans Association
  • Missouri Valley Impressionist Society
  • Greater St. Louis Art Association

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