Priscilla Olson grew up in Midland, Michigan, but spent her professional life in the Chicago area as a commercial animator and plein air painter. Since relocating back to Midland in 2011, she has been honored with awards from the Midland Artists Guild annual shows and Creative 360 ArtFest 55. She had her first solo show in Midland at the Grace A. Dow Library in 2011. Priscilla continues to be an active plain air painter and enjoys sharing and promoting this activity throughout the Great Lakes Bay region.

Artist’s Statement

My paintings represent the feeling of anticipation and mystery that the subject evokes in me. I like wondering (not necessarily knowing) about the subject. Curiosity compels me to choose my themes. I enjoy seeing paintings that present the viewer with questions that may be answered in many ways. This is a goal I strive to accomplish in my work.

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