Artist’s Statement

I have lived in the Ann Arbor area since 1974 and in Dexter for the past eleven years. I hail from Southern West Virginia where I spent my early life. I attended WVU where I earned my Ph.D. degree in psychology and also studied art as my minor.  I have practiced clinical psychology now for almost 50 years and have done painting part time throughout those years.

I am a former committee member of the Dexter ACH and have been a participant in the Plein Air Festival since its inception. I have been an active painter for my lifetime and have worked in a variety of mediums including oil and acrylic. I was an art major for two years in college and have attended numerous workshops and classes in painting over the years. I have exhibited locally including several venues in Dexter. I belong to the Saline Painters Guild and the AAWA’s group, as well as the Arts Alliance in Ann Arbor and several art groups in Florida including the Ft. Meyers Beach Art Association.

My work is diverse as I have worked in a number of different styles and includes abstract as well as impressionistic and representational works. Two of my recent works have been selected by the Arts Alliance for the Power Art public art project and prints are displayed in two locations in downtown Ann Arbor (prints on switchboxes).

My studio, “The Studio Where Art Happens” is in Ann Arbor at 2725 Packard and is a welcome place for me to escape into painting and welcome others to see where I work and the work I produce.

I plan to spend the spring and early summer outdoors to improve my skills as a plein air painter and hopefully will be selected to participate in the upcoming festival.

The following are representative of my work in oil and acrylic.