WanChuan Kesler was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  Growing up on this Pacific island, she loved the lavish colors and the abundant textures from the mountains and ocean surroundings.  The natural beauty of this sub-tropic island sharpened her senses and broadened her abilities and expression of art.  The energetic city life in metropolitan Taipei also provided great inspiration for her artwork as a young adult.

She now lives in a rural area near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The multi-cultural experience of this progressive University town adds another dimension to her work, complimenting her oriental heritage. WanChuan has developed her interests in capturing people and urban settings with compelling light and shadow patterns, strategic brush strokes, as expressed in many of her pieces: “Strasbourg Café”, “Girls Night Out”, “Waiting To Start”, “2PM Storm” to name a few of the more prominent works with these features.  Her medium is oil.

WanChuan has exhibited and won awards in many reputable competitions such as Michigan Fine Art Competition, Greater Michigan Art Exhibition, Scarab Club Silver Medal, Michigan Annual, Our Town Exhibition in Birmingham, and Northville Art House.  She furthered her career as an independent artist debuting in Boston Mills Artfest, Akron, Ohio in July 2009.  Since then, she has many solo exhibits and group exhibits in local galleries and museums, and continues to show at many prominent shows in the region.

Artist Statement

Painting is a passion I have had since I was a little girl.  The world we live in is my inspiration.  I strive to evoke emotions in my paintings by capturing the moments of events with people we see, our surroundings, and the way we interact with each other.  My canvas is an extension of my passion and expression for life.  It is perpetually fascinating to me how an object of art can speak to us without any language barrier.  I would like my paintings to speak of life, of love, and of humanity.


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