Below are the lists of participating professional and emerging artists in this year’s Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival.


Professional Artists

A jury of art professionals selected professional artists from all who entered to compete in the plein air and quick draw competitions.

Get to know the artists for 2019 and view their works submitted for jury review:

Sandra Ackerman

Rose Bradley

Paula Christie

Amy Collins

Andrea Czarnik

Carolyn Damstra

Sandra Difazio

Janice Dumas

Jane Flanders

Tina Hotchkiss

Shelly Kaye

Ed Kennedy

Linda Klenczar

Janet Kohler

Elizabeth MacDonald

Brant MacLean

Ave Madiol Veneklasen

Michael McCleer

Lorraine McFarland

Tamera Ovall

David Peacock

Bobbie Puttrich

Steve Puttrich

Margaret Robinson

Thomas Rosenbaum

Jan Ruvido Stebbins

Kelley Shirkey

Pam Siegfried

Delilah Smith

Sharon Sunday

Mary Hertler Tallman

Nora Venturelli

Pamela Wilburn

Sharon Will

Robine Wright

Cynthia Yates

Todd Zuithof

Emerging Artists

We are very excited about our Emerging Artists category. We have some returning and some new artists. Here are the participating and competing Emerging Artists this year!

Richard Adams

Deborah Batnard

Vicki Berry

Irina Beskina

Lisa Brown

Steve Burdick

James Burge

Susan Craig

Edward Doza

Linda Dunbar

Katerina Emmons

Alexandra Finch

Spike Hains

Angela Hamilton

Joan Harvey

Jeff Herndon

Jan Herrick

Nancy Lybrink

John Murrel

Miriam Nelson

Anitha Rajagopal

Roselyn Rhodes

Brenda S.K. Richardson

Andrea Rose

Ronald F. Sharp

Berrett Shuman

Robert Tappe

Laura Taylor

James VanCoppenolle

Lesli Weston