Andrea Czarnik is a local artist from Saginaw MI. Her earliest artistic pursuits were developed from attending Chicago‚Äôs Art Institute and the former American Academy of Art. She coupled her artistic talent and practical expertise in the world of publishing for ten years by running a small desktop publishing business out of her home. Her illustrations, poster art, or computer generated logos and brochures have benefited children’s summer library reading programs, local grade schools, park districts, and certain private individuals. She balances her time painting watercolors, acrylics and oils with other interests. Everyday surroundings influence her choices in rendering a series of places in time.

During the last three years other area artists have motivated her to explore composition and color harmonies at plein aire events in the midwest USA. The expediency of painting on location, if done in an orderly and thoughtful process produces unique outcomes balancing light with shadows, form, and texture.

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