Artist’s Statement

“I have been painting with oils since 2004. My primary interest is painting en plein air. I lived in Lawrence, Kansas from 2006-2015 and first started plein air events in that area.

About 3 years ago I starting traveling to events in New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin. I have had prize winning and selling luck all along the way and am encouraged to continue to improve my skills. I won both the beginning and ending quick paint contests at the Stems, Overland Park, Kansas 2014 event, then in 2015 my painting placed 2nd in the oils division at the Stems. In 2015 I received an honorable mention at the Augusta, Missouri event. Also I received honorable mentions at the 2015, 2016 Steelville, Missouri event. A painting was named Best in Show at the 2016 St Charles, Missouri Riverfront Paint out, and also I won a purchase prize during that week. I attended the 2016 Dexter event and sold two paintings.

I love painting en plein air and the competition part is exciting too. Most of all I am an hound for improving values and color mixing and seeing color temperature better. I want to learn all those little nuances that give a plein air painting ‘sparkle’.

I moved to St Louis, Missouri in 2016, where my art world continues to expand.”

  • “Back Row Beauties at the Oil Yard”, 11 x 14, Oil on panel.
  • “Bringing It to Light”, 11 x 14, Oil on panel.
  • “Under the Trestle Bridge”, 11 x 14, Oil on panel.

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