Drawing is a wonderful form of expression. Pastels combine drawing with a pure pigment method of painting without a brush. While Linda also uses watercolor on paper, acrylic on canvas, graphite and pen and ink on paper, she loves pastels the most. Linda says making art is just an immersion in fun. Painting en plein air is even better: to experience the temperature , breezes, sounds, sights, and emotions of the scene in real time on location makes a painting most personal. Linda’s earned her degree in interior design from MSU, and it has been her profession since 1970. She has studied with nationally known professional pastel artists for nearly two decades to develop her own style and learn many techniques.

Linda is an active member of The Chelsea Painters, the plein air painters of the Ann Arbor Women Artists, and The Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association. She is an award winning member of the AAWA, the Great Lakes Pastel Society, and Grand Prize winner of the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival 2018.  Linda is the current head of the Ann Arbor Area Pastelists.

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