Concept, composition and color all play an important role in the development of my paintings.  A lifetime of drawing, architecture, building trades, worldwide missions and photography have all provided me with an appreciation for the arts, the built environment and certainly the splendor of creation.

The joys and challenges of drawing maps, ships, cars, comics and villages soon turned into rendering wildfowl, wildcats, fish and ultimately architecture in my later years.  Painting and striving to create a work of art now seems to be the challenge at hand while the discovery of contemporary masters to learn from has been a steady wealth of knowledge and inspiration.  For me, the entire process of art is challenging, but certainly enjoyable. It often times feels like a gift or a privilege not just to squeeze out satisfying oil paints and mix them, but to experience and enjoy the beauty and subtexts of nature.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the ability to anticipate and produce a painting. For now, living in Michigan with my family provides plenty of adventure, as well as, a bounty of subject matter to capture on canvas. Great Lakes, dunes, lighthouses, boats, cars and scenic landscapes all provide great reference material for this contemporary artist to work with.

Realizing that an overall poetic statement of beauty (that stands the chance to be well received or even cherished) is a rewarding ends for the timeless painter to be successful, I try to peer through the technicalities and then spontaneously sculpt with brush and pigment an artful interpretation of the localized subject at hand.

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