Plein Air Painting & Outdoor Settings

Taught by: This year’s Awarding Judge, Greg LaRock

For: Knowledgeable Beginner to Advanced

Date: Saturday and Sunday, August 10 – 11 (The weekend before the Festival)

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Webster Historical Society Grounds in Dexter, MI

Cost: $300 per person

Greg’s workshops are designed for the oil painter who wishes to take their paintings to the next level. If you feel that you’ve reached a “plateau” in your work or are having problems with composition, values and simplification, then this workshop can help.

The two day workshop will focus on the following objectives to develop your painting skills:

  • How to organize elements to create a successful composition
  • The importance of shape division, shape balance and light/dark patterns and avoiding repetition
  • Maintaining and supporting a focal point, and how to direct viewers to your area of interest
  • Achieving depth and atmosphere, not just by painting what you see but learning how to make it successful and have it feel three-dimensional.

The workshop will also focus on simplification; the importance of edges; color temperature and values; and how to take the three-dimensional landscape you see and turn it into a two-dimensional painting and ultimately, a work of art.

Greg believes that a painting needs to be built, and he would like to show you his approach to achieving this.

What to Expect:
Greg will try to give students a solid foundation to build upon and the tools to improve. This is based on the structure of a painting and understanding how to make things read correctly. He will show each student what’s working in their own paintings and where the problem spots are. He will point out the fundamentals of good design and proper organization of elements.

Greg believes that only with hard work and perseverance, will one be able to meet the individuals goals as a painter.

Mediums: Oil, Acrylic, or Gouache

Availability: Space is limited

Workshop Supplies Recommendation from Greg LaRock